Ward Roster is the original ward directory for the Android platform.

Ward Roster was created by the founder of AJ Labs as a method to magnify his calling.  It was intended to be a rapid method to display information from the MLS system that is found on all ward computers.  The app has grown from displaying full details on each member to including information about callings, home teaching, and visiting teaching.

Shortly after releasing the app on the Android market, we were bombarded with request to make the app work for the data available on the Local Unit Website.  The development effort was minimal for a rough import and the app was updated to support an import from the Local Unit Website CSV file.  The app no longer supports this method.  The LDS Tools app, written by the LDS church, provides a wireless synchronization option that makes this functionality irrelevant.


1. Download the app.
2. Obtain the Membership.csv and optionally Organization.csv and/or HomeTeaching.csv file(s) from a ward clerk
3. Place the file(s) on the sdcard in a WardRoster directory  (/sdcard/WardRoster/)
4. Run the app
5. Press the MENU button
6. Choose Import from CSV (depending on the size of your ward, it could take 5-10 minutes, don’t worry, this is only necessary once after pulling a new data file)